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These provide short & concise insights into Liesa's philosophy on related pediatric topics. 

Liesa's Courses offered on Medbridge:

A Belly ’n’ a Butt: Pediatric Core Strengthening

This course discusses that relationship and presents ways to strengthen specific muscle groups. Participants will learn how to perform concentric & eccentric strengthening for different ages, as well as options for children with poor balance & who are able unable to stand independently.

Functional Development of the Pediatric Foot

This course provides a review of ideal bony architecture. It provides a greater understanding of ideal foot position & function, while discussing optimum muscle activity. As a result, the clinician will be better equipped to assess the pediatric foot, and determine the appropriate intervention.

A Distinctive Approach to Pediatric Toe Walking

This course discusses the consequences of incorrect and delayed intervention, and reviews the evidence related to toe walking and ideal gait. The result is an alternate, and effective way to consider pediatric toe walking. Participants will learn the necessity of timely and accurate management of pediatric toe walking, and how to recognize when a child has impaired bio-mechanics and/or sensory dysfunction that is negatively affecting their gait pattern.

The Sensory Side of Pediatric Toe Walking

This course describes various considerations of specific sensory systems as they relate to toe walking and ideal gait, and how to recognize the sensory-based pathologies relevant to toe walking. Methods to screen for sensory dysfunction and pathologies, as they apply to toe walking, are explained. In addition, scientific and research findings are described from a clinical perspective.

belly n butt

These are presenters, 

recommended by Liesa,

who provide additional information

on areas discussed in her courses.  

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