Connecting the Cores: Optimizing Pediatric Foot Position to Increase Core Activity

Do you see children with strength deficits that have a negative effect on their functional ability?

This course explains why core strength is necessary, and describes why core weakness is so prevalent in children. The weakening effect of commercial positioning toys, the negatives of baby walkers, and the consequences of Back to Sleep are examined/illustrated.

Poor/inadequate/incorrect lower extremity alignment may be contributing to their weakness/further complicating their physical performance. Participants will learn how to improve alignment and maximize the relationship between the distal and proximal bases of support, by using kinesiology tape and shoe modifications. 

This course stands alone (pun intended!), but also further complements the stability information addressed in             Liesa's Toe Walking course! 

(This course is similar to the "A Belly ‘n’ a Butt: Pediatric Core Strengthening" course Liesa taught for Therapeutic Services in March of 2020).

Connecting the Cores
Connecting the Cores

Pediatric Toe Walking Online Series

This engaging and practical online course teaches practitioners to assess toe walking through a holistic view of the child, including biomechanics and sensory processing, to develop a systematic approach to devise an effective treatment plan. This course will change how you think about and treat children with equinus gait. 

Recorded live as the ideal completion to Liesa's Toe Walking Course!


Red Flags for Referral and Intervention Strategies

Liesa discusses normal lower extremity orthopedic alignment, how it affects muscle balance, and how gait and the alignment change with time, growth, and age. She focuses on the evidence and benefits of best practices of early intervention to restore muscle balance to   avoid long term consequences.

Provides valuable insight into what's "normal" about pediatric gait development!

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