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Accredited provider of continuing education for physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology. Learn alongside colleagues at our dynamic interactive courses or purchase one of Liesa's online continuing education courses.

Pediatric Gait Discussion Group

A venue for therapists to discuss any clinical challenges or tips with other colleagues. Education Resources received overwhelming feedback asking for a place to pose clinical questions, receive advice from other therapists and discuss the latest advancements related to pediatric gait, and so created a forum to meet that need!


We have everything you need to start dispensing prefabricated foot orthotics to your patients IMMEDIATELY. We offer the education, and support you need to feel confident treating everyone from ages 1 to 101!

By providing live webinars, Know To Change is proud to be part of Nolaro24's  dynamic team! 

Interested in purchasing Noloaro24's prefabricated foot orthotics?  To place an order online click here.  You will need this referral code to enter in the Discount Window of the order & authorize your purchase (& it also saves you 10%!): KTC100817

Liesa's Top Tips and Tools for

Treating Toe-Walking Podcast


In this interview, Liesa gives some amusingly honest insights into how she developed her skills and knowledge, as well as where you can go to develop or progress your own clinical expertise in this area. Jam packed with advice and actionable tips for treating and assessing toe-walking, Liesa explains how she applies her learning from autism to cerebral palsy!

The Upseat

Good posture starts early. Developed with the guidance of leading

physiotherapists, the UpSeat slightly tilts a infant’s pelvis forward, which

engages their core muscles in a balanced manner. This encourages good

posture.The UpSeat is also designed to splay the infant's legs, which encourages

healthyhip development.

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Hip Helpers Support Shorts

Help reduce excessive hip abduction in babies and toddlers with low muscle tone. They have been found to improve rotational movement and limit “W” sitting in babies who are developing their movement skills. The sizing kit helps with measuring & includes one sample of each standard size.

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