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Courses offered on Medbridge:

A Belly ’n’ a Butt: Pediatric Core Strengthening

This course discusses that relationship and presents ways to strengthen specific muscle groups. Participants will learn how to perform concentric & eccentric strengthening for different ages, as well as options for children with poor balance & who are able unable to stand independently.

Functional Development of the Pediatric Foot

This course provides a review of ideal bony architecture. It provides a greater understanding of ideal foot position & function, while discussing optimum muscle activity. As a result, the clinician will be better equipped to assess the pediatric foot, and determine the appropriate intervention.

A Distinctive Approach to Pediatric Toe Walking

This course discusses the consequences of incorrect and delayed intervention, and reviews the evidence related to toe walking and ideal gait. The result is an alternate, and effective way to consider pediatric toe walking. Participants will learn the necessity of timely and accurate management of pediatric toe walking, and how to recognize when a child has impaired bio-mechanics and/or sensory dysfunction that is negatively affecting their gait pattern.

The Sensory Side of Pediatric Toe Walking

This course describes various considerations of specific sensory systems as they relate to toe walking and ideal gait, and how to recognize the sensory-based pathologies relevant to toe walking. Methods to screen for sensory dysfunction and pathologies, as they apply to toe walking, are explained. In addition, scientific and research findings are described from a clinical perspective.

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Therapeutic Evaluation and Treatment of Toe Walking (Pediatric Equinus Gait)

This 2 day live course will teach clinicians to develop interventions based on etiologies to produce successful long term outcomes. Through an organized evaluation procedure, specific data will be used to direct the clinician to potential etiologies. Causes and appropriate intervention strategies are identified in order to utilize a systematic approach to developing an effective treatment plan. This course challenges the clinician to ask the correct questions in order to form a systematic approach to treating the child who "toe walks."

Pediatric Gait Discussion Group

A venue for therapists to discuss any clinical challenges or tips with other colleagues. Education Resources received overwhelming feedback asking for a place to pose clinical questions, receive advice from other therapists and discuss the latest advancements related to pediatric gait, and so created a forum to meet that need!

Pediatric Toe Walking Online Series

Each session below is available for purchase individually or as a complete series for 7 contact hours. It is strongly suggested that clinicians attend the live 2 day course prior to viewing the online series in order to obtain maximum benefit from the information. 

Utilizing the ACT (Assessment Criteria for Toe walking) and Footwear Modification to Improve Outcomes

2 Contact Hours

Session A: Toe Walking: Utilizing the ACT (Assessment Criteria for Toe walking) to Improve Outcomes.

Liesa utilizes her assessment tool, the ACT, to assist in determining whether a particular child’s toe walking is due to musculoskeletal, neuromotor, sensory issues, or a combination of the three. 

The assessment tool is applied during video case studies to determine the focus of treatment. Participants practice an  equinus gait evaluation during the case studies to further hone their observation skills. This assessment tool assists the decision making process for a plan of care that really focuses on the etiology of the toe walking.

Session B: Toe Walking: When, Why, and How to Modify Footwear

Liesa uses case studies to teach her method of assessing the child with equinus gait to determine treatment. Parents are often encouraged to utilize splints, orthoses, Botox and/or surgery for children who present with idiopathic toe walking. Liesa discusses the pros and cons of these interventions and compares them to various footwear modifications that can encourage a heel strike during gait. In addition, she provides her practical approach to footwear modification. 

The Role of Vision and Reflexes

2.5 Contact Hours

This session covers the role of vision and visual disorders in pediatric toe walking. Vision is intimately connected to posture, gait, and movement through connections with the vestibular system. Visual attention and visual motor disorders commonly seen in this population are discussed. Participants learn to assess visual problems as they relate to toe walking.

The integration of primitive reflexes with the visual motor system is necessary for ideal development, and often children present with equinus gait due to deficits in these two connecting systems. Participants are observed testing for the presence of reflexes, evaluating postural responses, and applying techniques to assist with reflex integration and remediation, in order to avoid the long term consequences of retained primitive reflexes.

Red Flags for Referral and Intervention Strategies

2.5 Contact Hours

This session covers how to recognize Red Flags that would require referral of a child with either idiopathic toe walking, or other alignment concerns, for further evaluation. Liesa discusses normal lower extremity orthopedic alignment, how it affects muscle balance, and how gait and the alignment change with time, growth, and age. She focuses on the evidence and benefits of best practices of early intervention to restore muscle balance to avoid long term consequences. 

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Liesa Persaud's Top Tips and Tools for Treating Toe-Walking Podcast


In this interview, Liesa gives some amusingly honest insights into how she developed her skills and knowledge, as well as where you can go to develop or progress your own clinical expertise in this area. Jam packed with advice and actionable tips for treating and assessing toe-walking, Liesa explains how she applies her learning from autism to cerebral palsy!

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