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Liesa has comprised an informational package regarding development of gait & the pediatric foot: “The Pediatric Foot: Anatomical Development, Clinical Assessment, and Considerations for Intervention.”

With over 200 hours of assimilated research, Liesa counters the erroneous belief that poor pediatric foot development is of no concern. She begins by reviewing ideal anatomical development. Then presents orthopedic development in relation to appropriate development of an adequate base of support, and the subsequent functional assessment of the pediatric lower quarter. Finally, she addresses the negative effects of abnormal development on gait and posture, and presents suggestions for proactive and preventative intervention.

**CEUs may be obtained if information is purchased as a Home Study course through PDH Academy (

The Pediatric Foot (PDF)

  • In downloading this publication, the purchaser acknowledges that it cannot be reproduced or distributed in any way & doing so violates the protection of intellectual property. 

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