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WANT TO HOST A SEMINAR or have a question?


Live Webinars

In-Toe, Out-Toe.... Significant Principles of Pediatric Lower Extremity Function (Teaching Orthotists Normal Ortho Dev with Emphasis on in toe.


7:00 pm est

Overview Appropriate Developmental Stages for Therapists

 This webinar will discuss the ideal developmental milestone ages and why (ages birth to three Years). It may not be what you think!


7:00 pm est

Positives and Negatives of Positioning Toys

This webinar addresses what marketing is saying the benefit of their toys and what is really beneficial for a child's development. Learn about positioning equipment for babies: the exer-saucer...to use one or not to use one? Bouncy seats, baby swings, etc. Advice about what products really work and what products you should steer clear from.


7:00 pm est 

The Importance of Play and the Dangers of Technology

This webinar will discuss how screen time could affect a child's motor development. 


7:00 pm est