Uniondale, NY

March 2, 2020

A Belly 'n' a butt: pediatric core strengthening


Course Description:

Do you see children with strength deficits that have a negative effect on their functional ability? It may result from a specific diagnosis or be a secondary contributing factor that is further complicating their physical performance. This course discusses that relationship and presents ways to strengthen specific muscle groups.

Participants will learn how to perform concentric and eccentric strengthening for different ages, as well as options for children with poor balance and who are able unable to stand independently. A child may also have underlying core weakness in conjunction with development delay, impaired balance and/or poor coordination. Unfortunately, there is a strong correlation between strength and function.

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss how strength deficits have a negative effect on functional ability.

  • Review how underlying core weakness further complicates development delay, impaired balance and poor coordination.

  • Apply techniques to strengthen the abdominal and gluteal muscle groups.

  • Review the strength function relationship, describe the role of core weakness in development delay, and develop a greater awareness of the negative effect of central instability on balance.

  • Increase knowledge of the contribution of dysfunctional abdominals and gluteals on coordination and understand the significance of muscular co-contraction and timing of activation.

  • Apply concentric and eccentric principles and develop strategies for general strengthening.

  • Utilize activities in a non-standing position and learn techniques to improve balance.

  • Recognize useful strengthening movements during the first year and explain strengthening methods for preschoolers.

  • Identify strength games for elementary school ages and gain insight into strength moves for the older child.

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