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two years later

It has been two years since this blog was posted. Liesa has been to Israel and Ukraine several times and is preparing to return to Ukraine in a few weeks.

It is time to revisit this two year old blog!

"Many of you know or know of Liesa Persaud. Liesa is actually Dr. Liesa Persaud. She didn't set out to get her PhD early in her education. She was propelled by her desire to know as much as she could about her field of study. It was her desire to serve children and families the best she possible can that drove her education higher

LIesa is originally from England, and she was already used to traveling around the U.S. for different degree programs, so when the invitation to teach and treat abroad was extended, it was accepted without hesitation. 

The sense of adventure is one that Liesa embraces when it comes to travel. If she is headed to an area, she does her homework to see what else in nearby. No reason to be close to something and miss it because you didn't take the extra day. This is what happened when she actually took a vacation to Israel. She strayed beyond the tour to attend a service in Bethlehem. She did not stay on the beaten path, the tourist side of the town.  She attended a church service and was invited to coffee. As she stood off to the side of the room, she was introduced to a woman, Hannah. who just happens to be a social worker that works with the shunned and hidden children with disabilities. 

Now if Liesa's desire to help children drove her to the time, stress and expense to get her PhD, you can imagine what that did to her when she found out these children were not receiving the basic care, but be kept behind closed doors.  She had to know more." 

Today Liesa knows more, does more and teaches more. She has added to the number a confidant therapist to treat Toe Walking successfully without the use of poison or knives. She has left her mark in other nations and finds she is continually invited to return.

Happy Two Year Anniversary on your love missions, to serve and treat others.