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Serendipity; a beneficial happy event of chance.

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

Serendipity is a therapy dog who works with Liesa at the clinic. She is smart, easily trained and loves to work. Sere’ (pronounced Sarah) has had some of her own issues.

Liesa rescued Sere’ when she spotted a 6 week old, tic covered puppy, running along the turnpike in Oklahoma. Sere’ required hands on training to fit in with the older dogs in the home. During puppy training, Sere’ went to work with Liesa and soon found her purpose as a Therapy Dog. Sere’ is perfect for treating children.

Sere’ has calmed a scared child during therapy.

"It will be okay, I am here with you"

Sere’ has brought comfort to numerous children during uncomfortable treatments.

So much comfort that this child fell asleep

Sere’ has been the encouraging force to get a child to take that much anticipated step.

With Sere' I feel strong

About 4 years ago, Sere’ had an incident with two other dogs. Sere’ survived, overcame the odds, and only lost her hearing. She is a strong and determined partner for Liesa.

Now Sere’ is in a fight for her health, once again. This time it is cancer. Just as Sere’ survived the fight for her life before, she is expected to survive her fight against this disease.

Liesa has sought the medical care needed.

"This doctor is going to love me"

Sere’ will have chemotherapy treatments, which do not have as severe effects on dogs as it does on humans.

"I am stronger than this!"

She has already had a surgery, and perhaps may need another.

"I don't remember a 'surgery' I'm ready to run"

Our Saturdays with Sere’ posts will continue on FaceBook and we will provide updates in our blog. Sere’ is a big part of Know To Change due to her impact on the lives of the children she interacts with. As Sere’ has brought comfort, courage and peace to the little ones, they also give her the reward of hugs, smiles and love.

Sere' has so much love from the best people, kids!