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I heard a question asked of Liesa about the lack of progress from treatment given to a child. The caregivers were just not able to do more than what was happening in the clinic. The child could progress further, if the care was continued outside the clinic. I could hear the pain in Liesa’s voice as she said encouraged the therapist to do what she could in the clinic. “Don’t give homework that won’t happen, accept the facts.”

Liesa never says this lightly. I can’t even imagine how she felt when she was in Bethlehem working with Palestinian children. She could clean them up, show them care and love. Treat the wounds, use what was available, which was usually what she had brought with her. All the while, knowing that when her week was up with the child, they would go right back to the home that could not afford to offer them more than minimal care. Liesa knows the COLD HARD truth. She knows when she is spinning her wheels, but she also knows every child, every family, gets her 100%. She desires to make any child, or families, at least a little better by her care and treatment. She is making a ripple

Liesa understands that the smallest act of love has a huge ripple effect. Do you have a memory of a time when you were on the receiving end of an act of love? These thoughts are treasures we carry with us. The kiddo’s Liesa has worked with, in the many countries she has visited, have received her best. She has left a ripple. Spinning her wheels? Maybe. But spinning wheels can throw mud pretty far and it for sure leaves an imprint. She see a vision of what could be with proper treatment and aims for that. She gets as far as possible and then has to let go.

I know Liesa has left ripples around the globe and has been invited to leave some more. She doesn’t look at the walls in front of her, or the barriers she is faced with. She focuses on where she is, who she is treating and the possibilities. She brings that into her seminars and shares it with her fellow therapist. “Go for the gold”. Give your 100%. See what is possible and don’t be discouraged by what is not happening. Make happen what you can. No one is promised tomorrow, but today will be a day you leave a ripple.

As Liesa treats and teaches with all her skills, She has a gift of teaching, It is exciting to be a part of Know To Change. The name fits so well. We change what we can, for the better and know when we need to change to the next task. Lessons are difficult, but Liesa is a leader, leading the way to make the ripple and not change the water.