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no surgery required

When a parent is given an assessment of their child’s condition, they usually just hear “something is wrong with my child”. Then they do some research, online.

I have done some medical research online. In fact, my coworkers and I joked about looking up symptoms. The first diagnosis you see is usually cancer. Cancer is serious, and so can simple symptoms be serious. I think that is why cancer is first, “Go to see a doctor!”

Accurate diagnosis is the first step in health maintenance. Recently my daughter in-law, Breanna, received a diagnosis about my 5-year-old granddaughter. To me it appears to be an easy treatment, but time consuming. I am not my daughter in-law. I am not responsible for my granddaughter, as much as I love her and would do for her. Breanna did her research. She is a well-educated woman and knows how to navigate websites, yet all she saw for treatment of this diagnosis was surgery.

Surgery is an option, but not always the only option and not always the best option. As I study the medical discipline of Naturopathic Doctor, I respect that fact that this branch of practice chooses natural remedies first, when possible. Not when time is a factor, like acute appendicitis or when antibiotics are needed. Liesa has a saying “No poison, No knives” She will work with her families to make the safest smartest treatments, without cutting or doping.

Liesa saw my daughter for foot issues, but quickly noted her feet would need reconstructive surgery. Had we seen Liesa before her growth plates had fused, we may have been able to avoid surgery. We are grateful for the skilled surgeon and the referral from Liesa. She does have a respected working relationship with a few orthopedic surgeons (if you work with the best, you only need a few) and a handful of pediatricians. She works independently, and as a team member with other health professionals.

When therapy and time is the healthiest option