No poison, no knives

Liesa has long been an advocate for avoiding surgery. In medicine, including physical therapy, there is no “one size fits all” method. Each family, child, and community is different.

In order to write a blog, my thoughts never start with “No Poison, No Knives!”

This morning it was a Facebook memory picture of my 65 year old grandfather walking around a lake with his dog every morning. It was a five mile walk. He would run into the same guys, fishing or playing cards on a picnic table. He began to remember their names and bits and pieces of stories they shared. Then my grandpa’s dog passed away. Eventually grandpa sat down in his recliner more & more, no longer enjoying the walks on which his body thrived. In retirement, as in therapy, we need a back up plan. A different treatment or a new dog.

Yes, this got me to No Poisons No Knives. Each therapist has a treatment plan that will be most beneficial to their practice. Liesa explores a variety of treatments out of necessity . She has referred families to surgeons, and has had surgeons refer families to her. Because Liesa has been able to share her techniques around the globe, she has been able to improvise, and rethink what is common. When she takes her knowledge to Ukraine, she doesn’t have all the same resources. She needs to be creative and resourceful. This actually helps her in her practice here in the United States.

Liesa writes her own seminars and webinars. She uses the many experiences she has, and the requests of others who have sought her advice. Just because you are using tried and true techniques, it doesn’t mean you are obligated to them. We each have the ability to explore options. We can see what Liesa and others have used, have tried, and are learning.

Join Know To Change to be part of the change. Whether it is to add to your skills and knowledge or to fill in the missing piece of a direction where you are already heading. Maybe you have a question that needs to be answered? Know To Change is the place to be. We don’t always need to change our practice as much as add to our skills.

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