Memorial Day

Memorial Day started after the Civil War to remember those who died fighting for our freedoms. Today Memorial Day is filled with outdoor activities and celebrations. A time to reflect and to mark the beginning of summer.

Know to Change wants to acknowledge this Memorial Day for the freedoms and privileges we enjoy and share. Because we live in the United States, we have access to higher education. Regardless of the arguments against this statement, it is still true. Access doesn’t mean without effort or cost. We also are able to seek funding for humanitarian efforts. We can work hard and travel abroad.

Without the freedoms and privileges, we would not be able to send Liesa to less fortunate parts of the world. Because Liesa absorbed the cost of a higher education, she is able to share her knowledge and experience with many, many other therapist and families.

Memorial Day reminds me that all I have is because someone else paved a way. I need to leave a paved trail behind, so that who ever comes next can carry my work further.

Honor those who have given so much Remember to leave a legacy.

Cathe W/ Know To Change

Serendipity at sunset

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