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Let's Have A Conversation

I had an interesting conversation with a wise woman.

We were talking about a child who had all the outward signs of Autism. He is only 5 and getting ready to be placed in the public school system.

The parent of this child just wants him in school with children of the same age. Our discussion continued about what we thought the possibilities for this child could be. Mind you, it was just a discussion. Neither of us have a personal relationship with this 5 year old, we are just moms, educators and healthcare workers.

We discussed, would it be a benefit or harmful for a child with undiagnosed Autism to be placed in the mainstream system?

How many teachers are equipped to teach a child with unique learning abilities? (We all can’t know everything, that is why we train specialists)

We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the classroom as a whole, to include children with unique learning abilities. At one point we both agreed that a diagnosis is an advantage in the fact that it opens up more resources for a child. We also stopped using the word “disabilities” in the conversation. We chose to use “unique learning abilities” to focus more on the positive. This little one does have the ability to learn. The learning may not come from the mainstream or conventional methods, but from those who have specialized skills or techniques.

We, as a community, are learning and sharing more information and techniques to assist children, parents, therapists and educators. Know To Change is part of this growth. Sharing knowledge, skills and information with therapists to better equip them for the jobs they do. To help parents explore the options in therapy and equipment that will best help their child.

It is a joy to work with Liesa and Know To Change. The most exciting part for me, is the deeper understanding I have for families with unique needs. To see changes in children and to read the feedback from therapists who attend Liesa’s seminars or have had private consults with her.

Know To Change is moving forward, bringing to light the abilities each of us have, no matter what hurdles have to be faced.