Know to Change, Know to Grow

What is considered good today, was either the unthinkable, or not even thought of, yesterday. 

When I was a child, toddlers wore hard shoes. Today we have "crib shoes" or soft shoes. There was a theory behind the hard shoes, to help the feet develop properly. Today there is different evidence to support soft shoes. 

The hard shoes were the best we had at the time. Due to the trail and error of treatment, we grow into better treatment

Know To Change support the changing and ever growing therapy field. Liesa teaches, not only new techniques, but techniques, she herself, has tried and tested, and found to have the best possible results. She gets constant feed back on her courses and she enjoys seeing the progress and development of the families she treats. 

This in important. Not only does Liesa keep up to date, as much as one world traveler can, but she is not afraid to try newer supports and techniques. She only shares the knowledge and treatments. she has found to be successful. She is well aware of the fact that today's best may just be the stepping stone for the better tomorrow. 

She knows when to change and how to make the change successful. She has recently added live webinars on the last Monday of each month. It is a series of 6 different webinars that will restart in February of 2019. If you missed the first one, you can catch it in February. Each one is different, so you won't feel like you are starting in the middle.

Liesa, getting down to work

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