investing yourself

Every week I attend a local auction in our small town. I watch for good buys, things I might be able to use or sell. 

“This living room suit is clean and doesn’t look like anyone has even sat on the furniture”

“This is a perfect collection, retails in the thousands” 

Then I watch as the bidding starts. I watch as well cared for, slightly used  items go for one tenth the actual price in a store. I myself have paid penny’s on the dollar an item.

I often wonder, what in my house will my children send to the auction house and accept pennies on the dollar for “stuff” only I enjoyed looking at. 

All this brings me to think about putting my treasures where my passions are.

I want to invest in my passion. I am investing in my education so that I can share my knowledge of healthy life styles. I find joy in helping others make lifestyle choices that will help improve or maintain a healthy life.

I want to see Know To Change be able to reach out to tribes, communities and villages to improve lives of children with challenges, to encourage families to use resources in caring for family members that need more help than they themselves can offer, and to equip caregivers to give the best care they can. I want to know that people who have a heart to serve and give, have the resources they need to do this. Liesa is only part of this bigger picture. In her wake we find therapists with new strategies, ideas and options in treating. She leaves behind stronger, better therapists, who have the desire to change families and now have more tools to put into practice. 

When I invest in Know To Change, & Liesa’s legacy,  I know I am investing in my community and my world. 

Taking time in teaching with understanding

These are investments that won’t end up in an auction house. My kids won’t be scratching their heads, wondering why mom invested in something that really doesn’t represent her passions. 

Invest your time and treasures to display your passions. We all don’t have the same passion. We are all unique in our desires. 

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