giving season

With the holiday season upon us, opportunities to give seem to be every where. We can give to children’s charities, or homeless, or veterans. The Salvation Army kettles are out in front of many businesses. As we are out  buying gifts for those we love and care for, our hearts tend to be more open to giving to those we don’t know.

This got me to thinking about Know To Change and Liesa.

I feel the tug at my heart. How can I help? Who can I help? It feels good to help someone else.

How must Liesa feel with each course she teaches?

Sharing knowledge

She could easily, very easily, treat the children in her community. Work on making the lives of families in her sphere of influence better. Keep to herself, but still be helpful.

Than’s not Liesa. That’s not her heart.

She wants to reach as far and as many as she can. She only has two hands. The best way to multiple this is to share what she has learned, teach others to do what she knows to do. Give more therapist the ability to treat kids with tried and true results she knows.

Her life could be easier if she remained only in her community, but her heart is to give!! She charges for her teaching, but from the home front, she gives more than she receives. Her heart is not seeking to give only during the holiday season, but she gives 365 days a year.

It is with the same passion that tugs at our hearts this time a year, that drives our Liesa all year round.

From all of us at Know To Change, as we enter the holiday season, we hope you find as much joy in your giving as we find in Liesa and our giving.

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