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from challenged to cherished

It is the difficult tasks that bring the most precious outcomes.

“If it were easy, more people would do it!”  

Words I hear often as I face the difficult tasks to increase my education. I have a while to go before a new degree is in my hand, but with each successful exam or passed class, my self motivation grows.

It is my desire to write this blog, not only as a source to remind myself of this, but for also for other professionals.

Some of my clients, families, or patients will want to throw in the towel when the task at hand seems too difficult. Using my own experience and struggle, I hope to encourage them to strive towards the goal, & not to focus on the pain or challenge. I hope to help others overcome, and enjoy these amazing outcomes!

I would also like to remember that we each have our breaking point. Not every task is doable. Doing what is possible for an individual, may have to be enough, regardless of what I think they should do. Also keeping in mind, as a task is placed before a person, it may be one they have to walk away from. There may be too many demands on them already. 

Liesa was once asked about treating a child who parents weren’t receptive to the therapy. Parents have many reasons for doing or not doing what they do. We are all faced with this in our everyday lives. We may see what “should” be done, but it will serve us all well, to remember to offer grace. Not all things that “should” be done, really do need to be. It may mean that the task is incomplete or unfinished, or even unattempted.  

As we all know, hard work has sweet rewards, but let us remember to use wisdom as we encourage others to press towards the goal. Let us use mercy, so as not to become so pushy we forget to have compassion.