Focus on Moving Forward

I am spending the week with my 18 month old granddaughter. We are playing, singing and taking walks. I am trying to create as many memorable moments as any grandma could. She loves to go on walks. We hold hands and walk along the shops and restaurants. The only problem we have is when she looks behind her. She can’t successfully walk forward while craning her neck to see what is behind us, what we have already passed. She stumbles, she trips over her feet, and our forward progress is delayed until I can steady her on her feet again.

Isn’t life just like this. Our path takes us in the direction our vision is on. As long as we look ahead, we can move forward, when we start looking behind ourselves we get tripped up.

Know to Change wants to help you keep your progressive vision, to keep your practice moving forward. By offering new information that is accessible in webinars, by bringing Liesa’s seminars to different parts of the Country, we are trying to provide the best possible techniques and information. LIesa realized early on that her practice tomorrow would not look the same as today. Each child will bring a new challenge along with new lessons. She is an excellent instructor, using practical application that can be implemented immediately.

We all need a hand to hold, a navigator or mentor to keep us moving forward and up. Nothing stays the same, we progress or we grow stagnate. Just how fast do you want to grow? How many times do you want to get tripped up?

Being aware of what was in the past, helps us to make the better choices for today and tomorrow.

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