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We See What We Expect To See

I was asked to watch a video, then record how many times I saw the basketball passed.

An easy task, but I was laser focused on the basketball. I did not want to fail! 

When I have a purpose, all my focus is on that task. 

Life can be like this as well. I had thee kids to raise. That was my number one job. It trumped all other demands or requests. I could have just "focused" on the kids and ignored their dad, my job or other relationships, but that would affect my kids in a negative way. 

I needed to remain part of my extended family. As a result, my children benefited from healthy relationships with grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, & also with both their parents. We were a two income family, so that we had a safe home, healthy food & medical needs could be met. 

Being focused on just “raising” my kids, wasn’t going to be successful in raising them, It takes much more, I had to consider the whole picture.

When Liesa treats a child, she treats the whole family. In fact, she never refers to who she is treating as “the child”, but rather “the family.” She knows what happens to one member, affects the unit as a whole. 

When a child is toe walking, It doesn’t affect just the foot! 

Physical therapists don’t just treat the person in front of them, they have an effect on the entire family.....considering the whole picture. 

How much help is going on in the home? What obstacles will be causing a challenge at work, school or home? What other health issues need to be addressed? The approach of caring for the whole family helps to keep some of this in focus. 

Liesa’s book, "The Pediatric Foot:

Anatomical Development, Clinical Assessment,  and Considerations for Intervention.” helps remind us of the whole picture when it comes to pediatric foot development!