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Here is the History of Agape House in Ukraine

"Sveta met Carrie when she translated, in Ukraine, for her during one of Carrie’s Wheels for the World trips. Sveta fell in love with the concept of physical therapy….came to the US….. got her PT degree…..simultaneously getting her pre-requisite classes….all in ENGLISH…..& worked with me for a year to learn practical skills.     I was deeply saddened to see her go back home, but as someone rightly said, “There is a whole country waiting.”                                   

 (Please take a moment to appreciate what Sveta did!)

You see, physical therapy doesn’t really exist in Ukraine. At best, it is massage & basic exercises. Generally, there is poor understanding of how much progress is possible.   

If you have a stroke & live in a high rise building you don’t leave your home.  

If you have a heart attack & are too weak to walk, you spend your life in bed. 

If you are a child with cerebral palsy, you don’t get a wheelchair.

In the five years since Sveta left the US, Carrie moved over there, & together they started a Physical Therapy Training Center, which opened last August. 

The Program is entirely volunteer based, no government/other agency support. 

The students are from all around Ukraine, & may or may not have a background in rehabilitation/medicine. More importantly, what they DO have, is a plan to provide free therapy to people with disabilities….& a desire to open new rehabilitation complexes!!

The Program had a need to provide pediatric-specific training, & so I went there for two weeks last December to teach their students. I am returning once again in December to provide more training, and also to teach the students in the first ever official physical therapy program!"

#GivingTuesday #KnowToChange

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