New York, NY 

December 3, 2019

Play with Purpose …. Now in the Schools: Implementing a Holistic Treatment Approach in Pediatric Physical Therapy for Children with Sensory Dysfunction


Course Description: 

Implementing a Holistic Treatment Approach in Pediatric Therapy

for Children with Sensory Dysfunction


Pediatric occupational therapists primarily address foundation skills of fine motor, visual motor, visual perception, and sensory processing and their impact on childhood occupations. Pediatric physical therapists are primarily required to address situations such as poor coordination, delayed development and inadequate gross motor skills. To effectively attend to human performance, a thorough understanding of both motor AND sensory systems is necessary. However, discipline specific undergraduate and continuing education contributions are often inadequate in providing a comprehensive experience for clinicians to facilitate effective outcomes in clients. The common result is frustration and dissatisfaction for children, families, teachers and therapists.


This course provides a clinically relevant, organized approach to the assessment and treatment of children with poor academic, gross and fine motor performance. Emphasis is on the synchrony of sensory performance and motor ability, so that clinicians may approach pediatric therapy from an all inclusive perspective. Didactic and descriptive information is supplemented with videos and active experiences for optimum


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