Meet Serendipity, Therapy Dog, Know To Change Representative, and overall source of love               and comfort! 

Serendipity is my given name, due to the fact I rescued my mom, Liesa, at a time she needed me most. My name means "unexpected fortune discovery". It’s funny to hear her tell people how she chased after me, to catch and rescue me. That makes me laugh! I know I saw her first, and my goal was to get her heart where it belonged...... with me! I was her unexpected chance to have a therapy dog & partner! 

Sere’ is the name I go by, due to the fact Serendipity is a mouthful for little ones, who are who I prefer to work with. My fur is well groomed & soft, I am smarter than the average dog and not overly humble about it! I am a Border Collie & we are natural herders. So, I like things in order and kept in their place! 

I have a way of encouraging the children to achieve specific goals. Sometimes I get to see a little one take their first step in order to come to me. That makes me proud of them! Sometimes they cuddle with me to help them calm their anxiety. Sometimes, I just sit by their side to give them courage.  

Not only did I get to rescue my mom, but I get to fulfill my purpose in life by being a therapy dog for children who need me.  

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