Your Touch in Other Parts of The World

This is Cathe. I work with and for Liesa. I handle overflow administrative duties, writing and shipping. I get to brainstorm with Liesa and support her ideas. Today I want to share our latest adventure. Liesa is a woman on a mission. Her mission is to reach, touch and improve the lives of children around the globe. She has never intended to do this alone, one of the reasons she loves teaching and training. Here is our next cause, opportunity to touch the lives of children. You can be part of this.

Agape Rehab Center, Ukraine:

Sveta first met Carrie in Ukraine (where Sveta lives) when she translated for Carrie (who was in Ukraine fitting donated wheelchairs for children).
Sveta was moved by the concept of physical therapy. It’s extremely uncommon in Ukraine, especially for children.
So, Sveta came to the United States to get her physical therapy degree. She was taught anatomy by Liesa, who was very impressed by a 4.0 student learning in a second language! After graduation, Sveta completed a one-year internship with Liesa then went home to apply her training and education.
That was three years ago. Carrie has since moved to Ukraine &, with Sveta, they have started a physical therapy training center. All this is done voluntarily. Sveta and Carrie have the same drive that Liesa has, but without resources.
They have asked Liesa to help them in December, by teaching her pediatric program. Physical therapy is still uncommon.
Liesa is opening an invitation to help. She will do the heavy lifting, carry supplies, and teach. But you can help her with a financial contribution of $50. She doesn’t have the backing of a church, mission or university. She will also be taking some much-needed supplies to give to Sveta and Carrie.

If you are reading this, you most likely have heard about or know Liesa. Pediatric physical therapy is not just her profession, it is her passion. It is what drives her to give up the comforts of her home, for extended periods of time, to travel around the world to help children and improve lives where ever she is called.
She recently took a “vacation” to The Holy Land”. While she was there, she had a chance meeting with a man named Daniel. The second contact with Daniel put Liesa in touch with Hannah. Hannah, much like Carrie and Sveta, works for a church with a mission, Beit Yusef, (Joseph’s House) in Bethlehem. It is pretty much the same situation as Agape Rehab Center.
You see, Joseph’s House is on the Palestinian side of Jerusalem. Israel has resources, but these are not available for the Palestinians.
Let me assure you, this is not about picking political sides or religions. This is about children and families without resources that Liesa is willing & able to help. She looked at the distance from Ukraine to Israel and the cost. Much more affordable than to try to make a second trip. Still she will need to pay for her travel and supplies that she is donating.
Please consider taking this opportunity to reach those little children….and the little ones that will come after them. Not only are supplies going, but training and then training for additional trainers. Your donation could impact generations! If each professional or family that Liesa has touched gave $50, she will be able to fund her trip.
How has Liesa helped you? Think what she can do for these children.