Feeling Helpless? Be Helpful

This is Cathe, Liesa’s lefthand, Not righthand, she does all the physical work. I am currently on a flight with my husband, headed to visit family. About 30 minutes ago, the flight crew requested the assistance of any licensed medical professional, who was willing to volunteer their services to help a fellow passenger.

I suddenly felt helpless. I love helping, but I have no license, nor am I a profession medical anything! I sat in my seat praying. My mind has a difficult time staying on task, so as I was asking God to be the help or bring the help, I started to think about LIeasa. See I know her well. She has a heart filled with compassion and love. I can only imagine the force she felt when she was informed about a medical urgency that she could help with. This is what she works for. This is what she has practiced and taught and successfully treat many children for.

Just as much as I wanted to help and was unable to, how much more the desire and call to help when you can.
Money. We make it, we spend it, we invest it. Then there are times we can give it. Money is what is standing between Dr. Liesa (She has the degree, not comfortable with the title) and these kids. She is going to Ukraine and Bethlehem, because there is a huge need that she can fill, or at least make a difference in. But she can use our help. $5 from each person will help. $50 dollars is what we are asking from other professional P.T.’s. But anything will be very appreciated.

If you have ever been in a situation where medical attention was needed, and willing to do your part to help, here is your chance. Liesa is the hands and feet on the ground, the skilled and physical on the scene person. We are the suppliers. We can fuel her on and not sit on the sidelines feeling helpless. She needs your prayers as well as financial support.

Thank You
Cathe W/ Know To Change


Your Touch in Other Parts of The World

This is Cathe. I work with and for Liesa. I handle overflow administrative duties, writing and shipping. I get to brainstorm with Liesa and support her ideas. Today I want to share our latest adventure. Liesa is a woman on a mission. Her mission is to reach, touch and improve the lives of children around the globe. She has never intended to do this alone, one of the reasons she loves teaching and training. Here is our next cause, opportunity to touch the lives of children. You can be part of this.

Agape Rehab Center, Ukraine:

Sveta first met Carrie in Ukraine (where Sveta lives) when she translated for Carrie (who was in Ukraine fitting donated wheelchairs for children).
Sveta was moved by the concept of physical therapy. It’s extremely uncommon in Ukraine, especially for children.
So, Sveta came to the United States to get her physical therapy degree. She was taught anatomy by Liesa, who was very impressed by a 4.0 student learning in a second language! After graduation, Sveta completed a one-year internship with Liesa then went home to apply her training and education.
That was three years ago. Carrie has since moved to Ukraine &, with Sveta, they have started a physical therapy training center. All this is done voluntarily. Sveta and Carrie have the same drive that Liesa has, but without resources.
They have asked Liesa to help them in December, by teaching her pediatric program. Physical therapy is still uncommon.
Liesa is opening an invitation to help. She will do the heavy lifting, carry supplies, and teach. But you can help her with a financial contribution of $50. She doesn’t have the backing of a church, mission or university. She will also be taking some much-needed supplies to give to Sveta and Carrie.

If you are reading this, you most likely have heard about or know Liesa. Pediatric physical therapy is not just her profession, it is her passion. It is what drives her to give up the comforts of her home, for extended periods of time, to travel around the world to help children and improve lives where ever she is called.
She recently took a “vacation” to The Holy Land”. While she was there, she had a chance meeting with a man named Daniel. The second contact with Daniel put Liesa in touch with Hannah. Hannah, much like Carrie and Sveta, works for a church with a mission, Beit Yusef, (Joseph’s House) in Bethlehem. It is pretty much the same situation as Agape Rehab Center.
You see, Joseph’s House is on the Palestinian side of Jerusalem. Israel has resources, but these are not available for the Palestinians.
Let me assure you, this is not about picking political sides or religions. This is about children and families without resources that Liesa is willing & able to help. She looked at the distance from Ukraine to Israel and the cost. Much more affordable than to try to make a second trip. Still she will need to pay for her travel and supplies that she is donating.
Please consider taking this opportunity to reach those little children….and the little ones that will come after them. Not only are supplies going, but training and then training for additional trainers. Your donation could impact generations! If each professional or family that Liesa has touched gave $50, she will be able to fund her trip.
How has Liesa helped you? Think what she can do for these children.


Many of you know of, Liesa Persaud. Liesa is actually Dr. Liesa Persaud. Her original intent was not to get her doctorate. Instead, she was propelled by her desire to know as much as she could about her field of study. It was her desire to serve children and families as best possible that drove her education to higher degrees.

Liesa is originally from York, England. Moved to the USA for love. Then after living in the US for many years, and  already used to traveling around the states for different degree programs, she was invited to teach and treat overseas. She accepted without hesitation!

Liesa embraces her sense of adventure when it comes to travel. If she is headed to an area, she does her homework to see what else is nearby. No reason to be close to something and miss it because you didn’t take the extra day!

This is what happened when she recently visited the Middle East. After attending a church service, the group she was with, was invited to coffee afterwards. As Liesa stood off to the side of the room, she was introduced, by a friend, to Hannah. Hannah just “happened” to be a social worker in Bethlehem who supports families affected by disability. There is much more to this story, & I will let Liesa tell you in her own words in the very near future. But, suffice to say for now, she deliberately sought out ways in which she could be of help.

Liesa often says, “I just want to leave the world a little better than how I found it.”

Life Gets Turned Upside Down

Liesa just shared the challenges with life on the opposite side of the equator.

“So….. everything turns the opposite way here in Australia: hot water is cold and cold water is hot… this includes the water pressure being in the opposite direction. 

Well, at the end of my first day of being able to handle the real world after recovering from the being quite ill, I decide to run myself a fabulous hot bath in the spa tub that Erikka so wonderfully provided for me! When filling the bath, the water pressure was a little high, so I turned it “down.” Nope, that increased the pressure because everything is in the opposite direction here!

Picture scalding hot water spraying everywhere as the entire faucet blows off! Now, picture me slipping and sliding on the wet tile floor, trying not to sustain third-degree burns, while I attempt to turn off the water by successfully turning it in the wrong direction again! Oh, I’m also attempting to replace the faucet with HOT water spurting out of it!! “

Here are the ensuing photographs, I’m sure you can picture the scene…..

A Note From Cathe

While Liesa travels to teach and treat, I am left on the home front to make sure everything else stays in order, and to fill orders.


Liesa is currently in Australia. She landed in time to sleep, then hit the road, teaching. She also keeps up with emails and other projects she is working on.

It is always exciting here at Know To Change, and ever changing. Keep an eye on our upcoming seminars. We are adding our 2018 calendar this week. It’s not full,…yet.

Liesa keeps telling me she will only travel on certain months or days. I have to laugh. The time she keeps open to stay home, ends up getting booked.
She had a family travel from Canada to Tulsa to have Liesa treat their child. News of Liesa got back to Canada, and the invitation was extended. Liesa sees a need, and needs to fill it.

Her travels sound glamorous, but I can tell you they are full of work.

Liesa actually took a vacation a few months back, to Israel, a Holy Land Tour. This experience will be a whole series of posts. She got more than she expected. Only hours after her arrival, her husband, Naresh, jokingly asked her “have you found any children to treat yet?” He was only half joking. He knows his wife and her passion.

I love her passion to assist families and other therapist. It is the reason for Know To Change


Liesa Persaud not only teaches around the U.S. but is now in high demand around the world. Recently, while on a vacation to visit family in Europe, she was asked to hold a one night seminar for parents. A few PT’s also were in attendance. Immediately following there was a request for her to return to hold a seminar.

Liesa is in high demand. We have had clinics and hospital waiting to get her time. Now she is available to you online.

NEW Pediatric Toe Walking Series Online
With International expert Liesa Persaud, PT, DPT, PCS, CKTP

What Others are Saying:

“Finally a course that problem solves and shows innovative ways to treat!  Liesa was full of great background and scientific information and translated that knowledge into applicable interventions.  Although focused on Toe-Walking, it gave me information how to problem solve and apply some of the techniques to help with other gait deviations.  I liked most how to use what we have and adapt and change old or ineffective orthotics, how to suggest proper orthotics or improve gait by improving shoes.  I would recommend this course to any therapist and Liesa will definitely keep you engaged the entire course.” – P Morte, PT

Online Courses


Presenter: Liesa M. Persaud,  PT, DPT, PCS, CKTP
Evaluation & Management of Pediatric Toe Walking from PT & OT Perspectives  DAY 3!
Days 1 & 2 challenged the clinician to ask the right questions and form a systematic approach to the child who “toe walks.” Chaos was replaced with clarity through organized management. As requested by previous participants, Day 3 continues with additional information regarding:
*Primitive & postural reflexes: influence & mediation
*Modification of shoes & orthoses: practical application
*Vision:implications, assessment, & intervention
Previously introduced, the Act! (Assessment Criteria for Toe walking) is further utilized in a
guided, evidence-based, detailed, decision making process to design treatment sessions & implement
long term treatment plans.
Clinical application skills are enhanced via the design of detailed evaluation & treatment plans by using case studies, videos &
objective data.

No Poisons, No Knives

When a parent is given an assessment of their child’s condition, they usually just hear “something is wrong with my child”. Then they do some research, online.

I have done some medical research online. In fact, my coworkers and I joked about looking up symptoms. The first diagnosis you see is usually cancer. Cancer is serious, and so can simple symptoms be serious. I think that is why cancer is first, “Go to see a doctor!” Accurate diagnosis is the first step in health maintenance.

Recently my daughter, Breanna, received a diagnosis about my 5-year-old granddaughter. To me it appears to be an easy treatment, but time consuming. I am not my daughter in-law. I am not responsible for my granddaughter, as much as I love her and would do for her. Breanna did her research. She is a well-educated woman and know how to navigate websites, yet all she saw for treatment of this diagnosis was surgery.

Surgery is an option, but not always the only option and not always the best option. As I study the medical discipline of Naturopathic Doctor, I respect that fact that this branch of practice chooses natural remedies first, when possible. Not when time is a factor, like acute appendicitis or when antibiotics are needed.

Liesa has a saying “No poisons, No knives” She will work with her families to make the safest smartest treatments, without cutting or doping. She saw my daughter, but quickly noted her feet would need reconstructive surgery. Had we seen Liesa before her growth plates had fused, we may have been able to avoid surgery. We are grateful for the skilled surgeon and the referral from Liesa.
She does have a respected working relationship with a few orthopedic surgeons (if you work with the best, you only need a few) and a handful of pediatricians. She works independently, and as a team member with other health professionals.

Cathe W/ Know To Change

Why Liesa?

It is common to feel intimidated when a child presents with a posture or gait problem. Both evaluation and treatment of these children are often frustrating for all involved and frequently results in inaccurate evaluation, with ineffective intervention and poor achievement of results. Establishing an organized approach to treating this type of patient is not as difficult as it first seems, and the results can be very rewarding. However, children are not small adults, so merely applying adult-based treatment techniques to a child can be both a waste of time and a potential risk for harm. A child´s skeletal and neurological systems are immature and underdeveloped, so it is critical for practitioners to be aware of what is both normal and atypical.

This course is excellent for alleviating the anxiety and concerns of evaluating and treating pediatric gait and posture. Even your most challenging patients will benefit greatly from the evidence-based information presented. If you are experiencing difficulty bringing together an accurate evaluation process and effective treatment strategies, this course will increase your confidence by using detailed case studies to maximize your skills. You will leave with skills and treatment tools to immediately put into practice.

Attend and be part of one of Liesa’s courses. Check out or “seminars” page to find the closest date and locations to fit your schedule. This is a course that is not only informative and hands on, it is in high demand. Check out or facebook page to see testimonies from others who are implementing Liesa’s techniques in their practice.

Therapeutic Evaluation and Treatment of Pediatric Gait and Posture Course

How Day Two Leads Changes

Liesa propelled her audience into Day two with as much energy as Day one had maintained. I sat there stunned. I knew she was tired the night before, yet here she was ready to take on the challenges of the day.

By the end of the seminar, I was exhausted. I didn’t teach. I did not have anything to present. But Liesa was ready to see some sights!

We spent an extra two days on the Texas coast…. “to relax”. That was not exactly how those two days were spent! Even though I wanted to take a nice long nap before bedtime, I was excited about the possibilities Know To Change was about to take on. Liesa and I sat at a table, facing the bay, working out our new business footprint.

With the massive changes in health care, insurance coverage up in the air, along with the numerous changes all families are facing today, we want to focus on maintaining health. Liesa had brought up some interesting facts during the seminar about the equipment that we parent’s use to keep babies entertained and safe, while freeing up our hands. Many of these things I had used with my three kids. Her information is important in helping our babies develop strong and healthy.

Liesa is also a Certified Infant Massage instructor. I am a mom who had a baby with colic in the early 1980’s, where we just toughed it out! My daughter cried from 3pm to 3am every day, like clockwork. She was diagnosed with an under-developed intestine. After 6 months of age I could give her some tummy drops every four hours. There was no room to miss or delay the dose. I could kiss my day and night goodbye!

When I was expecting my third child, I had found an article on infant massage. I love a massage!! There weren’t any classes near my home. I learned from a book. I could have enjoyed more benefits had I had an instructor to assist me, but I promise, it was the best thing I have ever learned for my baby. The third baby had very few sick days. If she was sick I could sooth her instantly. When we moved to a new home, she had trouble going to bed in a new room. A good five minutes of the familiar back massage helped her adjust to the change. As a young adult with a broken heart, I rubbed her back. Again the familiar motions she had come to know as comforting, helped her cry it out calmly.

The benefits to infant massage are endless. Now I am looking forward to these classes being taught by one of the most sought after Pediatric Physical Therapists. Who not only has the skills to teach, but also has priceless insight to help parents keep their little ones out of a doctor’s office, and to make smart choices when purchasing baby aids, and to not have to rely on marketing.

Two days of rest instantly turned in to two days of planning exciting changes and promoting healthy life styles starting at the infancy stage!!

Watch us grow and help families Know to Change 🙂