Liesa Persaud

Improving the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions for pediatric gait pathologies, by educating caregivers & clinicians, while eliminating additional impairment to the child in both the present and future.

Liesa’s Thoughts

Course to Clinic - What is it all about? It's so easy to slip back into our comfort zones after a course, when we get back to the busy day-to-day world of managing caseloads, admin and life in general! ............Sometimes it all makes sense in the course, yet when you return to the clinic you need a sounding board, and a network of like minded therapists to support you . Course to Clinic was developed to help consolidate new learning. The aim … [Read More...]

Certified Theratogs Fitter

Didactic & practical training in TheraTogs applications for alignment, extremities, positioning & gait deviations.

Therapeutic Evaluation And Treatment Of Toe Walking (Pediatric Equinus Gait)

This seminar is excellent for alleviating a chaotic approach to the treatment of pediatric toe walking.

Connecting Adult & Pediatric Therapy

Moving from the treatment of adults to the pediatric population with a primary focus on the fundamentals of pediatric physical therapy.