Liesa Persaud

Improving the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions for pediatric gait pathologies, by educating caregivers & clinicians, while eliminating additional impairment to the child in both the present and future.

Liesa’s Thoughts

While Liesa is donating her time in a less desirable place, it gives me much to think about. Why there? We have plenty of children in the USA that need her. Why her? Can't we send someone? Train someone? Let them take care of themselves. Sounds selfish? Sounds reasonable? It is a difficult call. Each person has a purpose. Liesa's purpose is to help the most vulnerable. It always has been. She has cared for the elderly and then moved … [Read More...]

Certified Theratogs Fitter

Didactic & practical training in TheraTogs applications for alignment, extremities, positioning & gait deviations.

Therapeutic Evaluation And Treatment Of Toe Walking (Pediatric Equinus Gait)

This seminar is excellent for alleviating a chaotic approach to the treatment of pediatric toe walking.

Connecting Adult & Pediatric Therapy

Moving from the treatment of adults to the pediatric population with a primary focus on the fundamentals of pediatric physical therapy.